Pronob Kumar Guha

Chairman and Managing Director

Graduated in Electrical Engineering from IIT, Kharagpur. Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Detroit, USA. born leader and a visionary, he went on to get his MBA from the prestigious York University in Toronto in 1982, to give a structure to his entrepreneurship skills.

Sarmila Guha

Deputy Managing Director

12 years experience of working in India and abroad before joining Gibraltar. Handling Administration and Human Resource Management for more than 15 years in Gibraltar.

Bidisha Guha

Director (Finance)

B.Com(Finance) from University of Windsor,Canada. Gained experience in the retail banking sector in Canada for 7 years.Came back to India to provide support to her father’s (Mr.Pronob Kumar Guha) dream.Duly exposed to air spring technology in USA and China.

Arpan Basu

Director (Marketing & Product Development)

MBA with marketing specialization.Duly trained in airspring, with technical exposure from various World’s leading air spring manufacturers in USA, Germany, Spain and China.Developed a strong network in the domestic and global air spring industry and distribution channels.

Arnob Guha

Director (Operations) (Economics) from St. Xaviers College. Duly trained in air spring with technical exposure from various worlds’ leading air spring manufacturers in USA, Germany, Spain and China.Working with Gibraltar for the last 11 years.